What People Say

Testimonials from Clients, Colleagues & Partners (via Linked In)


During Jonathan’s tenure with NRDC, the Food & Agriculture Program expanded from $2.6M to $8.6M. Jonathan’s involvement was pivotal in the specific expansion of NRDC’s pesticides and sustainable agriculture program work which increased from $540K to $3.3M. I had the benefit of working with Jonathan on a variety of development deliverables to funders and learned first-hand how generous, thorough, and team-oriented he is when it comes to sharing the most up-to-date findings in his field of expertise.” – Regina Cronin, Development at Natural Resources Defense Council, May 23, 2017, Regina worked with Jonathan in different groups

Working with Jonathan has been an inspiring and transformative experience. His deep commitment to excellence is infectious. From strategic vision planning, to work plan delegation, and execution; Jonathan is an environmental tour de force. He is a professional in every sense of the word. Having worked with Jonathan over the last three years (’13-’16), I have learned the value of keeping a positive mindset while working to address this planet’s most pressing environmental needs. His fierce commitment to dynamic multi-stakeholder engagement is a skill I will take with me and lay as a cornerstone in the foundation of my career moving forward. Thank you for your mentorship and laughter Jonathan!” – Gabriel Krenza, MBA, Senior Sustainability OD Consultant at BlackWolf Consultants, June 21, 2016, Jonathan worked with Gabriel in the same group

At NRDC, Jonathan was an excellent fundraising strategist and collaborator. His deep knowledge of conservation science was valuable and respected by major donors. In addition to working well with major donors and major donor prospects, Jonathan is also a strong development proposal writer. He is a creative problem solver, and with his outgoing and warm personality, a delightful partner to work with. Articulate, hardworking, deeply committed to improving the world through his work, I highly recommend Jonathan.” – Sheila Dennis Director of Principal Gifts, Harvard Divinity School, June 30, 2016, Jonathan worked with Sheila in the same group

Jon helped launch the HeadCount organization in 2004 as Outreach Director, and it’s fair to say we would not exist today if not for his hard work, intelligence and dedication. Since then, Jon has become a well-known leader in the environmental movement, particularly within the world of music. We are very proud to call him an alum of HeadCount.” – Andy Bernstein, Executive Director, HeadCount, September 29, 2009, Andy managed Jonathan directly

I had the pleasure of supporting Jonathan while we worked together in the Food and Agriculture program at NRDC. Jonathan is a respectful colleague and remained very approachable as someone with seniority. His passion for science and the environment is apparent in his day to day work and he was always happy to talk about his current projects with me, acting as both a mentor, a teacher and a friend. He always took great pride in his role and I was able to learn a lot from him in the short time that we worked together.” – Jane Schuldiner, MPA, Principal Gifts Coordinator at Environmental Defense Fund, September 19, 2016, Jane reported directly to Jonathan

Jonathan is one of those rare scientists who successfully pairs his deep technical knowledge with effective, clear communication for the layperson audience. His ability to take a complex scientific issue and make it understandable was only one of his many strengths. Jonathan works very well as part of a team – demonstrating a high degree of collegiality – but is also able to move ahead independently if this is called for. He is results-driven, strategic and articulate. I highly recommend Jonathan.” – Debbie Hammel, Director, Land Markets Initiative at Natural Resources Defense Council, June 21, 2016, Co-managed Jonathan.

It is all too rare to encounter a person of Jon’s caliber. A true expert in perhaps the worlds most important emerging field, I wouldn’t go into any “green” industry without his consultation at the very least. With Jon you aren’t going to get “hot air” — he’s going to tell it like it is and illuminate all the synergies, no matter how “out of the box” they might initially seem. Most of all, he is a man of true relationships and has an integrated ethics/love of nature that lines all of his work.” – Bear Kittay, Innovation & Strategic Growth, September 30, 2009, Bear was a client of Jonathan’s

I had the pleasure of working with with Jon on the inaugural ROTHBURY festival Think Tank. His knowledge and expertise in the world of sustainability and conservation is broad and deep; his ability to bring the conversation into the mainstream in an understandable and meaningful way is invaluable, and rare.” – Carrie Lombardi, Founder/LiveLoud Media and Partner/Hatchery 17 Talent Management

I worked with Jon on the official Think Tank Green Your Wardrobe eco-fashion show at Rothbury Music Festival in July 2009, where we developed and produced a fashion show in an effort to educate festival goers on the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability through fashion. Jon was a pleasure to work with in every aspect of the event. He was thorough, enthusiastic, helpful, and knowledgeable. The show was a great success, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.” – Melissa Baswell Williams, Designer/President at Bubby & Bean and Mountains of the Moon LLC, September 30, 2009, Melissa worked with Jonathan but at different companies

Jon, Dr. Jon, exudes a true passion for his life’s work. He has successfully been able to combine his personal interests with professional and is happy to share his knowledge along the way. His dedication is noble, his attention to detail acute, and his laughter genuine.” – Mia Juhng, Versatile project manager and selfless connector, August 3, 2011, Mia managed Jonathan directly