Sustainable Business

Conservation Value Solutions collaborates with business clients to answer, Five Key Questions” for advancing sustainability. Together, we use results to (1) enhance positive impacts of supply chain sustainability and green procurement programs, and (2) accurately and transparently communicate the benefits that these initiatives generate (thus protecting against the costly risks of greenwashing).

Selected Applications:

  • Conservation Value Solutions’ founder, Jonathan Gelbard, led scientific research and stakeholder consultations to establish NRDC as experts in the problems and solutions of the beef product lifecycle. He synthesized scientific literature to detail scope of (1) environmental degradation caused by ranching, feedlot and feed crop mismanagement, and (2) triple bottom line benefits of sustainable management practices. In addition, Dr. Gelbard’s work representing NRDC in the Walmart Beef Roundtable, The Sustainability Consortium, and the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef’s Natural Resources committee was highly praised.
  • Conservation Value Solutions developed and implemented a sustainability strategy for Spaldin, a European manufacturer of eco-friendly mattresses. We published five Triple Pundit blog posts, which attracted high profile media interviews and an invitation to represent Spaldin on an industry Green Board of Governors. In addition, we overhauled the company’s web site and marketing materials to communicate its environmental marketing claims in an accurate, transparent and verifiable manner, which more effectively conveyed product benefits to customers.
  • Conservation Value Solutions partnered with NRDC and Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) to spearhead the development of business and marketing plan for a “Montana Wildlife Heritage Stamp” conservation finance program. FWP has elected to pilot this program, and the plan continues to be praised as useful by those developing the initiative.