Philanthropists & Impact Investors

Conservation Value Solutions serves as a trusted advisor and translator of science on conservation, climate change, and sustainability-oriented questions. We scientifically vet pitches, proposals and strategic plans, and use results to inform decisions about investments and gifts. Our scientific advisory services:

  1. enable clients to invest precious capital in conservation and climate change solutions that are more likely to achieve desired results;
  2. help clients screen out sleek-sounding projects that lack scientific credibility, and are therefore unlikely to generate claimed benefits; and
  3. match purveyors of capital with initiatives that address priority gaps in the philanthropic landscape, which constitute high leverage opportunities to support positive change.

Selected Applications: During ongoing conversations, investors and philanthropists have expressed a need for a “translator of science”, and have appreciated the advice that we have shared. These conversations inspired Conservation Value Solutions to offer this advisory service. Please contact us to learn more.