NGOs, Agencies, Academic Institutions

Conservation Value Solutions’ powerful process of developing Integrative Conservation Strategies synthesizes ecological and behavior change sciences, business case studies, and multi-stakeholder input (regarding economic, political, and logistical barriers to change, and ideas of solutions to each). This customized process catalyzes transformative conservation and climate change solutions that people are more likely to adopt.

Selected Applications:

  • Representing NRDC, Dr. Gelbard collaborated with Rainforest Alliance experts in sustainability standards and certification and a Food Alliance auditor/rancher to research, co-author and pilot (on ranches totaling over one million acres across three different U.S. regions) the Grasslands Alliance Standard for beef cattle ranches and farms. This comprehensive standard translated scientific recommendations for conserving grazed landscapes into principles, criteria and indicators of well-managed ranching. It is the first sustainability standard that includes the full range of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies available to the North American ranching sector.
    • As part of stakeholder consultations for NRDC’s beef sustainability efforts, Dr. Gelbard produced and directed the Sustainable Grazing Metrics & Standards Summit Workshop in partnership with UC Davis and Cornell. We convened 40+ eminent scientists, public and private land managers, technical assistance specialists, and NGO experts to discuss and seek feedback on NRDC’s draft grazing metrics. This meeting led to the establishment of the Grasslands Alliance.
  • The types of sustainable ranching practices incentivized by the Grasslands Alliance not only benefit our environment, but also improve forage and livestock productivity, efficiencies of input use (e.g., healthy plants and soils enable ranchers to cut fertilizer and weed control costs), and resilience to drought.
    • Click here to learn more about how the Grasslands Alliance’s pioneering sustainable ranching standard and certification can generate valuable benefits for diverse stakeholders.
  • Conservation Value Solutions partnered with NRDC and Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) to spearhead the development of a business and marketing plan for the “Montana Wildlife Heritage Stamp” conservation finance program. FWP has elected to pilot this program, and the plan continues to be praised as useful by those developing the initiative.